current projects

David is in the middle of studying for his first board exam - Step 1. In the medical journey and well, career, it's a huge deal. Like determines your entire future huge deal. So it felt apt when one of my sweet young women I am a leader over at church say David with me and said "I sometimes forget you have a husband!"

Me too, girl. Me. Too.

He still does his evening studies at home so I do get to see him, it just takes everything within me to not distract him or bounce him from front room to bedroom when I'm trying to vacuum or want to sew.

With David's evenings swamped, I've had a lot of time to work on projects that have been on the back burner and also Prim & Roo! A huge project I started working on again is our family cookbook. This baby came about after I got frustrated having my computer in the kitchen with me and it suffering more than just a couple drops of oil, honey, water, cookie dough and who knows what else.

On top of that, my family has had so many wonderful treasures in my mom's cookbook since I was a girl that I've really wanted to get them into print and somewhere we can all not only enjoy them, but also remember the history behind them. From lunch room peanut butter fingers to Grammy's salad dressings and our super secret sugar cookie recipe, it's been a lot of fun designing and putting together this book. Plus hello! All my design skills are finally getting some greasing and the creative wheels have been moving full speed ahead. Still a lot of work to do but it feels so good to at least be working.

Cookbook screen shot.JPG

Amazing how when you start one project, the others seem to launch off the paper or screen themselves. I've been dreaming about just about everything lately - my book characters, designs for Prim & Roo and photography.

Of course with the cookbook comes all the photography that goes with it, but man. When you've got about 30 minutes to throw dinner together before running out the door to mutual trying to take a quick (good) photo of the food for the cookbook is rough. This was the best styling job I could do the other night and I definitely ate my meal cold, but when it's a family cookbook . . . who care rights?