new apartment

We've been in our new place for a bit more than a month now.

It's quirky with things that drive me bonkers like moldy bathroom ceilings and not a single door that closes due to latches being offset or doors that don't fit their frames right. The new place is furnished with sloping wooden floors, a leaking dishwasher and oil-soaked cabinets in the kitchen. But it also came with a yummy leather coach, excess mirrors and a quaint closed off sun porch.

I've loved redecorating and styling the house with it's shotgun home style. It's a bit full to bursting between our furniture and the landlords, but I have to remind myself that it gives the place some extra love and personality.

If I had more time and not so many projects on my plate I would get more into styling and that kind of photography. For now, I just please myself doing it around the house. Valentines was fun, throwing bits of red and pink all over.

Photo Feb 13, 8 36 13 AM.jpg
Photo Feb 13, 8 37 48 AM.jpg

Our kitchen has a small built-in cabinet with short shelves that only fit our tumblers and mugs. But this little space might be my favorite spot out of the whole house at the moment.

Photo Feb 13, 8 37 29 AM.jpg

With only one small closet in the bedroom, we held onto the landlord's dresser and have paired it with the only furniture I have ever drooled over - our West Elm dresser. With the mismatched pair of dressers I somehow managed to create two very different set ups that don't really work together. But, I kind of love it.

Photo Feb 13, 8 38 01 AM.jpg

For many who know me, I have a rock collection. I am absolutely one of those people who has collected "treasures" since I was a kid and once David and I got married it kind of hit a peak. We were camping and going on a lot of adventures and just about everything we were doing needed a little reminder for me to hold onto. I finally got around to framing the main collection (basically the ones I could remember where they were from/international big trips we took), but the others have sat in a jar. I decided to put the jar with my other "earth wares" and treasures. The best part of this little section of our house is how it turned into a little shrine of some of my favorite things: 2 gifts (that even match!) of a Peruvian shawl and mountain print, my rock collection, turquoise rings and Arizona reminder - my cactus.

Photo Feb 13, 8 37 04 AM.jpg

Just a few of my favorite things.

Now that spring is coming, I'm getting really excited to start to change things up again. But I might be even more excited for the treasures we'll pick up on our big trip in April! More to come on that!