Prim & Roo first started as a children's book that I wrote in my head as I walking home late one night from a long day of college courses back in 2009. I never finished the book, but when I decided to start my own shop I realized I wanted something I could weave my photography, sewing, and writing all into and there was Prim.

Since I was a little girl, I haven written stories in my head, fashioning dialogues between characters as I sat in a tree in our front yard. Those stories are all still there, waiting to be written down, they just got put aside for a bit as I found more passions and loves to add to the list. Probably the most important love I added to my life was my husband David, who is in the purgatory stage of Medical School and that is a journey worth documenting not just for me. Other loves I've picked up over the years have been my photography and sewing.

Prim will get her book one day, but for now I've been working on a different story and I'm so excited to share not only the journey of whatever that story will be, but also this journey of our most chaotically lovely life.


All photos on this site were taken by myself.